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For over 40 years, Lehigh Fuels has been supplying clean burning heating oil to residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Lehigh Valley

Automatic Fuel Delivery

Automatic Delivery is a service we provide to insure you do not run out of heating oil when you need it most. As an Automatic delivery customer, we use an algorithm to monitor your usage, so you don’t have to.

Our calculations are based on 3 factors:

  1. Heating Degree Day – Measures how much energy is needed to heat a home based on the outside temperature. The degree day changes daily, therefore the number of days that can lapse between your deliveries will change daily.
  2. Past Usage & Tank Size – We use data from previous deliveries to determine your usage habits. For example, someone who works from home all day will have different usage than someone who lowers the thermostat while they are gone for the day.
  3. Insulation & Efficiency – Every house is different. Older homes with older furnaces will use more fuel than a neighbor with a new house and updated equipment.

So…you see, a lot goes on behind the scenes before our delivery truck makes it to your home. To give you the best on-time reliable service, we plan and organize our delivery schedules in advance. This enables us to be efficient with our deliveries and overcome obstacles that may cause delays, such as requests for emergency fuel deliveries, cold spells and slippery road conditions. So, if you call for fuel, please don’t wait until the last minute, especially when it is cold.

When Should I order Heating Oil when I am watching my tank?

You use more heating oil with cold temperatures so never let your tank go below 1/4 tank before you place your next heating oil order. You should order early to avoid run outs, especially during cold temperatures. Remember that all our drivers become extremely busy when we have extended sub-freezing temperature, so delivery times are likely to take longer.

Whistle…. and it’s working!

A vent alarm is a small device which is installed between your vent and your pipe. Air is displaced through a vent pipe which makes a whistling noise. When filling your heating oil tank, the driver listens for a properly working vent alarm or whistle. If we do not hear it, we are unable to fill your tank. If a whistle stops during a delivery, we stop filling the tank, even though you may have ordered more oil.

What is a Vent Alarm and why is it important?

A vent alarm is a small device, usually a tube, which is typically installed between your tank and the vent pipe. It signals that the tank is full, thereby minimizing the chance of overfilling.

Home Fuel Delivery - Lehigh Fuels

On September 1, 2020, Pennsylvania made the switch to a cleaner, greener, energy source:
Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil.

Always polite and helpful over phone and prompt delivery every time

Jorge Cabrera

We been with Lehigh Fuels for 10 years. We have nothing but excellent service.

Mike Weaver

Thank you for fast delivery and great service

Milly Peralta

I have never seen such attention to a customer’s needs before. They know what they are talking about and helped me every step of the way!


I’ve had nothing but good experiences in their delivery to my home. They have upfront internet pricing which is lower than the competition. No qualms with their service or products.

Christopher Frey

The Lehigh Fuel Advantages

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  • Availability
  • Expedited Delivery
We are proud of our professional and dependable service to customers. Orders are subject to weather conditions. Same-day delivery fees apply.