Fuel Oil Burner Services

We recognize the importance of our customers having access to reliable burner service at competitive prices.

Lehigh Fuels LLC - Garage DoorsIf you are in need of burner service, we highly recommend the following independent HVAC contractors who have been serving our customers for years:

  • Unger Heating and Cooling – Schnecksville, PA – 610-769-5600
  • Werley Heating & Cooling – Allentown, PA 610-821-8414

Our success is our customer care, competitive prices and reliable service! FUELING YOUR NEEDS YEAR ROUND!

The Lehigh Fuel Advantages

  • Value Pricing
  • Availability
  • Expedited Delivery
We are proud of our professional and dependable service to customers. Orders are subject to weather conditions. Same-day delivery fees apply.