Commercial Fuel Oil Deliveries, Fuel Tank Loans, Equipment Fueling, Generator Fueling, Fleet Fueling & Lubricants

Lehigh Fuels provides quality fuel products at competitive, wholesale prices for commercial, industrial and business customers.

For a quote for your construction project, filling your on- site tank, fueling your businesses generator or to have your fleet filled by our professionals, please call or text Kelly Brown at 610-737-4662.

Make Lehigh Fuels your #1 Choice for your business fuels & oils supply chain.

  • Heating oil
  • ON Road Fuel
  • OFF Road Fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Generator fuel filling
  • Fuel hedging programs
  • Commercial pre-buy programs
  • Fuel additive & custom blends
  • Industrial petroleum delivery
  • Industrial fuel oils for heating

Whether it is 100 gallons, or 8,500 gallons, Lehigh Fuels delivers the petroleum products that keep your business running! Call us today at 610-266-8990 for a competitive quote.

Fleet Fueling – Commercial Wholesale Fuels

Lehigh Fuels has on-site fueling service performed by our professionally trained drivers. We deliver fuel directly into your vehicles, equipment, generators and tanks. This service is provided during your company’s downtime or scheduled to meet your needs to perform on-site fueling.

Lehigh Fuels will increase your company’s productivity and profitability by eliminating non-productive labor hours. Our safe and friendly service will take the worries and cost associated with fueling out of your budget.

Quality fuel ensures a high quality product. We use unique additives to provide our customers with a premium product. This product can help extend the life of your fleet’s valves and cylinder liners while preventing biological algae from forming inside your tanks.

Your company will benefit from the Lehigh Fuels service of Fleet Fueling, if one or more of the following apply to your company:

  • Hours of Service – Keeping drivers under the new hours of service laws.
  • Driver Shortage – Your drivers will save a ½ an hour everyday by not having to fuel. This means you will need 1 less driver for every 16 routes.
  • Out of Route Miles – Most company’s drivers travel more than 5 miles off of their route to get fuel. This not only takes valuable time but also burns additional fuel to get there. This also increases your fuel and maintenance expense.
  • Long Lines at Pumps – Average fueling time falls between 15 and 20 minutes per truck. Add to that a line of a few trucks in front of you and that can extend your fueling time to over an hour.
  • Questionable Purchases or Missed Fuel Receipts – With some drivers trying to beat the system, and other careless about receipts, our service eliminates both issues and the potential problems they cause.
Commercial Fuel Oil Deliveries & Lubricants

The Lehigh Fuel Advantages

  • Value Pricing
  • Availability
  • Expedited Delivery
We are proud of our professional and dependable service to customers. Orders are subject to weather conditions. Same-day delivery fees apply.
Commercial Fuel Oil Deliveries & Lubricants
Commercial Fuel Oil Deliveries & Lubricants
Commercial Fuel Oil Deliveries & Lubricants