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For over 20 years, Lehigh Fuels has been supplying high quality, clean burning heating oil to residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Lehigh Valley and areas of Carbon, Bucks, and Berks counties.

Lehigh Fuels heating oil prices are much lower than those of many other fuel dealers. How do we do that?

We offer discount pricing with full service options. We strive to provide you with low fuel prices in the Lehigh Valley area.

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  • You must purchase your fuel online to avail yourself of the price discounting and savings!
  • We are committed to delivering heating oil to your home as conditions safely permit. Winter storms impact deliveries, and as such, we may experience a delivery delay due to a backlog, resulting from winter conditions. We thank you for your patience during this time.

Discount Pricing With Full Service Options

Premium Kerosene

Lehigh Fuels delivers premium Kerosene to businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley, based on volume requirements, from October through April. Please contact the office for details.